Eliminate or Reduce Annual Fees

With our New Pricing Option, now you have the power to eliminate or reduce your annual hosting fees.

Note: This is an optional pricing model that will reduce your annual service fees. You can opt into this service at any time.

How the program works...

Your club is now able to opt-in to a per-registration model.

For every registration where the cost is at least $50, LeagueAthletics.com will charge a $2.50 processing fee to the registering member, not the club. This fee is collected by LeagueAthletics.com and 100% of it is applied to the cost of your website services. That is, for every member that registers in your program, $2.50 is deducted from your annual cost, up to the total annual fee. Beyond the total annual fee, the processing charges are collected directly by LeagueAthletics.com.

The benefits...

This is an optional service that you can choose to join at any time. When you do, the annual costs for your web services
will be significantly reduced, and in most cases, eliminated. This allows you to use all of our powerful features
and tools for free!

An example...

A club that is currently paying $575 annually for LeagueAthletics.com's services would only need to process 230 registrations where the cost was greater than $50 to receive our services for free in the next billing cycle.

If you have any additional questions or you would like to get started with this program right away, please contact our
support team at and mention our New Pricing Option.


If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at