Sports Team Website Pages

Each team you manage within LeagueAthletics.com sports websites receive their own team page. These pages can be made public or private by the site administrator. Coaches and team managers can use their team-specific password to access their team page and post news items, schedule games, edit rosters, share contact information and communicate with their players.

We make sports league management easy by helping you setup divisions & teams for your league, creating better organization. As you setup teams, you can create team manager passwords, and automatically email this password to the team's head coach. Once they have the password, they'll be ready to login and send messages to all of their players. As the site's administrator, you can monitor all of the activity on your site and let the coaches do the work!

Team specific bulletins:
In addition to news items for the site's home page, you can also create bulletins and news items for specific sports teams.  Coaches and team managers can use this feature to communicate directly with their team members and keep them informed and up to date.  For important or urgent bulletins, you can optionally choose to broadcast a message to the all team members via email.

Team schedules:
Create your association's master schedule with our sports schedule generator and have individual team schedules broken out automatically.  Schedules include date, times, opponent, notes and location with a link to a web page with facility information and directions - perfect for sports league websites.  Administrators can also specify that whenever an event is changed on the master schedule, all affected team members (and their parents) get emails and text messages automatically.  In addition, team members can elect to receive game reminder emails and text messages.

Team rosters:
Association members can view team roster pages that include name address, phone number and email addresses for all team members as well as their coaches and managers.  Each roster page can also include an optional team photo.  Rosters are password protected so that only association members can view the information.  Also, this page is 'spambot' proof so you don't have to worry about your email address being obtained by spammers who search for email addresses on websites. Team rosters are an important feature for sports league management.

Game results with commentary:
Team managers and coaches can enter game results and commentary right on their site.  Results are displayed on the home page for a week, and all games are shown on individual team Results pages.  If specified, the results can also be emailed to your local newspapers and/or regional association.  The scores are also used to calculate optional league standings explained below.

Player Statistics:
If you're interested in tracking any of your player's game statistics, this is a great way to do it. You can set it up so that statistics are visible to the public, only visible to users who log in with your team's (roster) password, or only visible to managers and administrators. You can configure this setting on a team by team basis if for example, you only wanted to use this feature for older players. You can define any statistical data you want to track and even specify formulas for calculated statistics.

Team standings:
Your site can have an optional intra-league standings page that shows each team's win/loss season record in sorted order ranked by a number of different formulas and even compound (more than one formula) formulas.  Administrators can even specify the number of places shown for each league so that for instance, only the top three teams are shown in a given league.  Likewise, standings display can be turned on or off individually for each league so that travel leagues for instance wouldn't be shown.  In addition to the obvious benefit of providing up to the minute league standings, this feature also motivates team managers and/or coaches to get their scores in quickly, as blank games count as ties.

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