Online Sports Registration

"I've simply created a registration form for players to enter in their information and created a customized template, and about 15-20 hours of my time has been reduced to about a half-hour."

--Rob Marino, Next Level Soccer Academy

Every LeagueAthletics.com sports website includes our sports registration software for your league registration needs, and eliminates the time and energy it takes you to make your initial registration a success. You can track the progress and trends of each registration allowing you to become more efficient moving forward. There are six things you will want to keep in mind when considering the move to an online sports registration process:

Why use LeagueAthletics.com for Online Sports Registration?

Setting up an online sports registration for your league saves time. Easy online access pulls up information, reports, and other data as it pertains to your league registration. Through our sports software, you can set up teams, and communicate with the league as a whole, or with teams, players and coaches, adding another level of time-saving convenience to your process.

Unlike other sports websites, there are no additional fees for utilizing the sports registration software through LeagueAthletics.com. There are no hidden fees such as “convenience” or “transaction” fees. We will let you know up front what fees you will be responsible for as well as when you can expect to pay them. Through eliminating many of the other wasteful fees others might charge, working with us will save you a lot of money when organizing your league. Click here to calculate your savings

All electronic payments are processed using our secure shopping cart, which is PCI compliant, the Payment Card Industry's standard for security, and because LeagueAthletics.com uses your organization's merchant account to process payments, there's less waiting for funds to be available. Electronic payments made through your merchant account are generally available within two business days. Compared with some of our competitors that can take up to two weeks to deposit your funds, the choice is clear.

Utilizing online sports registration software also eliminates a lot of the opportunity for human error, primarily misreading another person’s handwriting. Further, should a member’s information change throughout the year, they have the ability to update it immediately online as well.

With online sports registration software you are in control of your message at all times, allowing you to deliver information to all of your members simultaneously. This ability to manage your message is essential for making sure that everyone is on the same page; and, ultimately, effective communication makes for a better run sports organization.

Finally, with credit and debit cards being the main method of payment for most transactions made in today’s economy, your league members expect you to be able to accommodate them in this fashion as well. Not only do we make the overall sports registration process easier for you, we have also streamlined the manner in which you can transfer payments.

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