Here's what our customers have to say …

"The ease of doing things with all your support, is worth every penny!! Thank you so much!! "

Neeti K.
Ridge Red Devils Football

"This calendaring function that coincides with schedules is tremendous. I'm looking forward to downloading it to Outlook...In baseball terms, looks like our selection is a real GRAND SLAM!"

George Ricciardi
Neshaminy Wildcats Baseball & Softball

"You support dudes rock! Oh I wish it were so easy to get ALL my questions in life answered!"

Kaky Wakefield
Hillcrest Lacrosse

"Thanks for such an awesome product! Your site makes my job so unbelievably EASY!! Thank you, thank you!!"

Shana C.
Loveland Lacrosse

"League Athletics is an incredibly powerful tool. Way ahead of the SaaS revolution and superior to any other athletic web sites I've seen, and it keeps getting better. I've used it for three organizations already and more in the future, I'm sure."

Wayne Eckerson
Hingham Cross Country, Track & Field


I am chief cook and bottle washer for our club, the high school team and involved in the LA Mavericks. Couple hundred kids that I have to admin, as a volunteer. Your product has made my life easier and I am now putting in less hours primarily due to your product.

Much thanks! "

Mark Yumkas
Calabasas Lacrosse Association

"Thank you for the excellent support, you folks are very much on the ball for every issue submitted!"

Don King
Southwest Florida Youth Lacrosse

"Thanks again for the GREAT support from you and League Athletics this past year. It really is top notch."

Rick Darrell
Colleyville Lacrosse

"This is by far the best, most easy to read high school sport web site I have ever visited. Having 3 sons in sports makes me feel like an expert...Thanks for your clarity and instructive information!"

Margi Atwood
Prior Lake Lacrosse

"You guys will never know how glad I am that we chose LA to manage FXA.  My hours of research on Google 6 years ago was well worth the time..."

Jeremy Purcell
FXA Football

"I love the new Admin Feature page as well as all the great enhancements you have made for this website over the 5 years I have been with you. The Outstanding Balance feature has been an especially useful too! The Customer Service is outstanding - I have never seen a faster and better response team in ANY OTHER business I have needed customer service from!

Keep up the GREAT work!"

Teresa Fiamengo
New Fairfield Lacrosse

"I've been delighted with the New Features added. Lots of great ideas get integrated. As an administrator, I'm equally delighted with the near-zero learning curve. It isn't easy getting a Sports Director to take a shine to scheduling and web content development. But each volunteer that has tried to use our site has become proficient with minimal coaching."

Greg Slominski
Boonsboro Ruritan Youth Association

"Hey, just wanted to let you know that [LeagueAthletics.com] has been outstanding with both Hawks and Cherry Creek site support and putting up with my "know just enough to be dangerous" support requests...Hawks (my club) is absolutely ecstatic about our LA site."

John Hatcher
Parker Hawks Youth Sports

"Thank you so much for using League Athletics for your scheduling--it is fantastic! I wish all my kid's teams were as organized and professional as WYH!! I wanted you to know how much we appreciate all the hard work and thoughtful decisions you make for the kids and the league! Have the best weekend!"

Lisa (parent)
Westwood Youth Hockey

"Thanks to you and all of the tech support staff at League Athletics.  The program is outstanding and easy to use and so it is not often that we do need tech support but when we do, responses come rapidly and clearly.  I also appreciate how receptive everyone is to suggestions for enhancements to make your outstanding product even better.  A couple of my suggestions have already been implemented and I've see tremendous growth in the depth and quality of the LA product in just the 10 months we've been a customer.  Our players and parents are very impressed (and complementary) with how our website looks and the ease with which they can find any information they are looking for.  Throw in the ease with which the system handles credit card payments and my job has become so much easier and less time consuming, which is definitely a plus when you're volunteering your time.  The latest edition, the customizable Player Bio feature may easily be my favorite as I would spend hours each season hand-preparing bios for all of our players as they prepare for the college recruiting process.  Now, I've simply created a registration form for players to enter in their information and created a customized template and about 15-20 hours of my time has been reduced to about a half-hour.

Thanks again, and keep up the great work!"

Rob Marino
Next Level Soccer Academy

"I have to tell you this site is fantastic.  We are growing (doubled since Spring) in numbers and I could not keep it all straight with out the website.  Tell all the engineers, or whomever, they have done a fantastic job!"

Jerry Consie
Duluth Youth Lacrosse Association

"We're loving this new website! It's such an improvement over the past years' sites. Also, the level of communication is great. Good work!"

Lisa Levine
Foothills Hockey Association

"I wanted to send a quick note to tell you how impressed I am with the service you provide. I recently signed up our league to build a Lax only page. I have had zippy experience with websites and your product enabled us to build a very useful tool for our league in a very short period of time. The more we explore into the capabilities of the product the more we are amazed at how useful this is and will be in the coming seasons. We are looking forward to using this as our registration site next year.

From a non-techie....a sincere thank you for an excellent product and as a result a better league for our players and families."

Doug Birnie
Chantilly Youth Lacrosse

Last March I was elected to my position at ABYHA.  Under the new bylaws, the webmaster position now reports to my position, Director of Marketing.  As a result, I found myself having Ted Stefanik, the ABYHA webmaster, working for me.  In case you don't already know, Ted is quite a capable guy and is also an extremely nice guy.  I've been a software engineer for 20 years and I don't think that I have encountered a more intelligent and knowledgeable software developer in all that time.  Ted was one of the principal authors of Microsoft FrontPage.  He started his company in Cambridge, Mass. and then it was bought by Microsoft some number of years ago.  Ted moved out to Seattle and worked for Microsoft for a few years, but then returned to Mass. start his own consulting business.  Needless to say, Ted works only because he wants to.  We at ABYHA consider ourselves blessed to have such a guru as
our webmaster.

Anyway, last year, Ted made modest upgrades to our existing web site.  It was rather static and the site content did not change very often.  Ted managed to automate many of the webmaster tasks using Perl scripts and so the site content became much more timely.  When I came on board, we discussed  big plans for Ted to further upgrade our web site over the summer.  We thought up many new features such as automatic emailing when the site changes, better schedule presentation ("My Schedule"), menu-driven posting of information and news items, and team page content managed by coaches and team managers.  The attached Word document is a specification I wrote for Ted that describes these changes.  You might find it interesting.

While I was writing this spec, I searched the web looking at other youth hockey web sites.  This is when I found www.triboro.org, one of your customers.  I was quite surprised to learn that all of our brilliant and original ideas were already implemented by League Athletics.  I mentioned this in the spec so Ted could see our ideas in action.  I didn't even think of switching away from our "home grown" solution - not when Ted Stefanik is the webmaster.

In early August, I called Ted about 30 minutes before our ABYHA board meeting and asked him how the web site upgrades were coming along and if he were going to the meeting.  I kind of left him alone over the summer and hadn't had much contact with him.  He told me that his consulting business kept him so busy that he had not any time to devote to the ABYHA web site.  Oh-Oh.  The season was to start in four weeks and he hadn't done a thing.  In passing, I mentioned www.triboro.org and how that site had all of the features we were thinking of.  Then I noticed that I lost his attention in the middle of our conversation.  He was looking at www.triboro.org.  Within two minutes of scanning that site, he was absolutely convinced that we should switch to League Athletics and bag our home grown ways.  I said OK but we'll have to get approval from the board.

One half hour later, we're at the board meeting.  Ted had a 10 drive to get there.  When it was time to present my report, I gave Ted the floor to make our proposal about changing the web site.  I figured Ted had about twenty minutes to examine www.triboro.org and League Athletics.  At the meeting, he gave an extremely detailed presentation of all aspects of the capabilities, costs, strategies, and benefits of moving to League Athletics.  My jaw dropped.  How could he absorb all that information in so little time?  Well Ted won them over easily and it was an easy decision for the board.  Within four days, Ted had a working prototype of our new web site.

Well, our new web site has been in use by our membership for about three weeks now and it is a smash hit.  They love it!  Our old web site actually won awards from Mass Hockey for best web site.  Our new one puts the old one to shame.  I've seen many hosted youth sports web sites and most of them are terrible.  Your business should do quite well.  As a software developer, I do a little bit of web programming myself and I also know great software when I see it.  What should matter to you even more is that Ted is more impressed with it than anyone.  In my view, that is about as good an accolade as you can get.

Keep up the great work.  I look forward to many years of success with our web site using League Athletics.

Best regards,
Hank Hamilton
Director of Marketing and Communications

By far the best service of its kind anywhere, any time.  In both this youth hockey organization and separately in a charitable organization, working an organizational website has been frustrating and time consuming.  Within a few hours of signing up with LeagueAthletics.com the Bayonne Youth Hockey Association had an up to date website that looked good; within a day of signing it, it looked great, and it is only getting better.  Easy to use with great results and prompt tech support.  People might say our website finally go into this century--I think that you catapulted into the next century.
Jim Flynn
Bayonne Rangers

"Thank you!!

Our hockey program loves your software and the service...The web site has played a big role in helping us grow."

George Martin
Twin-City Youth Hockey


Toni Dahlgren
Harrison Little League


"I just wanted to tell you how pleased RAHA has been with your website package.  If you ever need a customer "reference", feel free to use my name.  At our board meeting last night, we all agreed that the switch to your package was one of the best things we did all year."

Bill Oplinger
Ridgefield Amateur Hockey Association

"GREAT WEB SITE.  The site is truly amazing; such an improvement over the previous format.  It is practical and easy to use.  The ability to select for more than one team is great.  Thank you, Thank you!"

Grace Evans

"I've already told you this once, but I have to tell you again--this is the BEST sports organization website ever!  Registration for three kids was so easy.  And now that function that allows you to pick multi-teams and print out a schedule that has everyone's game times--I love it!  Thank you!"

DeeAnn Franks
Vienna Youth Lacrosse

"The website is awesome! I truly appreciate all the info at my internet fingertips! Thanks..it's great!"

Jayne Chase
Greenwich Skating Club

"We've been using League Athletics (LA) since last fall. In short, it's been a very positive experience. The service has allowed us to get up to speed very quickly with comprehensive registration, team management, and result tracking functionality. We just went through our first season using League Athletics for season scheduling and results tracking, and we're completing our first online registration cycle. The feedback from the parents has been very positive. The one thing that makes League Athletics outstanding though, apart from the functionality, is the level of support. They are are very responsive to support questions and enhancement requests."

Gerry Hall
Harvard Soccer Club

"First let me tell you what a phenomenal experience we've had with league
Athletics and the Newtown Lacrosse site. Parents and players are ecstatic
with the site. Great job.

Woody Thompson

"The nice thing about the website is that it is versatile.  The company that designed the template is League Athletics.  The design is such that we can have one, or several people with access to updating information on the website.  The security is designed to be able to give all different levels of access.  For example, you can give managers access to input scores to their games, and also be able to send out email blasts to their team, but not anything else.  Basically, we have one person inputting messages, alerts, pictures, and schedule changes, managers inputting results to games and individual team bulletins and pictures, and a few people with access to registration data.   The timely updates are credited to these people, while the design, layout, versatility, and logical structure is credited to League Athletics.  They also are very helpful when it comes to tech support, and implementing new features and ideas."

Brian Keill
Nanuet Little League

"I want to thank all those involved in making this Web site available this year. It was easy to use, reliable and a huge time saver. I can't tell you how much I appreciated it this season."

Paul McClure
Fairport Little League

"We just had luck using the exchange to get some of the equipment we need to start hockey this year.  What a great service you provide through this feature on your website.  Thanks!"

Selden Tearse
Duxbury Youth Hockey

"I love the new website!  With three skaters this year, the multiple
schedule feature is a blessing.  We can see everyone's schedule all at once."

Michael Robison

"Best online registration system I have ever used!!!  Kudos to Charlie webMeister."

Tony Oliva

"This is an amazing website.  It's truly easy to use and so all inclusive.  I'm so grateful that I get an email when a change occurs, and that the changes to the schedules appear in red, that way I know if I've missed something.  Thank you for all the hard work and thoroughness."

Janice Jennings

"I just had to say THANK YOU!!! for such a beautiful, helpful, easy, wonderful website."

Mary Ann Trusso

"In terms of consistent impact on WYHA families, however, I dont think anything can match the HUGE upgrade of the new web site."

Ned Goss

"By the way .. I absolutely love the site.  It is very easy to use which means it gets used, it is a great tool for us to communicate with parents and players, and the kids love it!  Keep up the good work."

Ron Eaker

"This is one of the best web sites I've ever seen (hockey and non-hockey)."

Andy Hays

"I have to admit, last year we used eteamz, it took me 4 days to put all the practices onto the website, this year, i started at 12.15 and now its 2.48 and I am done! great job with the site!"

"thanks!  The site is amazing!"

Thomas Gross

"I can't begin to tell you how helpful it (the web site) is to me as ice and game scheduler, as well as all other volunteers and parents"

Michael Meakem

Our relationship with leagueathletics has been outstanding. I believe that we were the first large organization (1000 players, 50 teams) to use his system and he was very accommodating to modify the software to meet our needs.

The web site has helped us keep our teams and members informed. All 50 team managers use and update their team information and distribute news through the system.

Previously we had hosted our own site, and only the webmaster could update it. Information was out of date and difficult to update. No one went to the site. Over a 3 year period our old site had about 27K hits. Our new site, now in it's second season (implemented summer of 2002) has had almost 150K hits. Very effective. Parents have complemented us on how useful they have found the site and the information we share.

I don't think there is a more cost effective way to communicate league information to parents.

Hope this helps, I would be glad to answer any specific questions.

Rick Gerrie.

And, yes, we did have a great season. We received nothing but praise for the website, so a HUGE thank you to you!

Cori Distler

Great job. This web site is very efficient and must help immensely in reducing the paper burden.

Paul Robershotte

This is one of the best websites I've seen for youth sports. Current and always changing. Good work!

Kelley Lanahan

Practice schedule module worked fantastically. It made our lives incredibly easier. Everyone enjoys and uses site.

Brad Scholtz

I love your website! It's so refreshing to have such a great communication tool.

Terry Carlson

I love the new website. Kudos to the person/persons who designed it. It's great!

Marcie Desrosiers

Scheduler, multi-scheduler and the download capability are awesome!

Michael Persky

This is a great web site!!!!!! Thanks for your fine tuning and hard work. Love the multi schedule for my kids teams. I will drive around with a copy of this in both cars so as to never be late or at the wrong rink. Did I say never? Thanks

Kim Cully

The web site is absolutely terrific!!

Cathy Long

I got to tell you that everyone loves our web site.  As you can imagine people really love the schedule options.  I think folks have been schedule starved for years and this makes them very happy.


John Harrison

This site rocks!!!! I can not wait for the season. I love hockey and I love this web site.

Jeremy Staub

"The registration process has gone every well! IT has streamlined a burdensome process."

Paul Scheufele

"The new web site looks great! This is an important communication tool for hockey families, and the grandparents will enjoy it too."

Steve BonDurant

"I absolutely LOVE the new website. GREAT JOB!"

Lori Emmerling

"i have been getting a lot of compliments on the site both verbally and through the feedback.  I think this is going to be great.."

Thomas Hesketh

"Thanks to all those administering the leagues this year and especially the webmaster of dybs.org for outstanding support."

Roy Marcantonio