LeagueAthletics.com Bookbuilder FAQ’s


What is a LeagueAthletics.com Yearbook?
The LeagueAthletics.com Yearbook is a high quality, yet easy to create way to commemorate an organization's or even a single team's season. The yearbook is entirely designed by you and is professionally bound and printed. The high quality construction allows the yearbook to be a keepsake that can last a lifetime.

Who can create a LeagueAthletics.com Yearbook?
Anyone!!! You do not need to be a LeagueAthletics.com website customer. Anyone with the need to produce a professionally bound and printed keepsake can create and order a LeagueAthletics.com yearbook. The best part - its FREE to signup and start creating your yearbook. There are no charges until you approve and order your LeagueAthletics.com Yearbook. Click HERE  to create an account and/or view order pricing.

How much does it cost to signup and create a yearbook?
There is no initial cost to sign up to the LeagueAthletics.com Yearbook Builder. You can sign up and create your yearbook with no obligation to purchase. Once you have approved your yearbook and placed an order, the prices are as follows:

Package Cost
Professional Package
20-30 pages
$24.50 per book
All-Star Package
31-40 pages
$27.50 per book
MVP Package
41-60 pages
$33.50 per book
Hall of Fame Package
61-80 pages
$39.50 per book
Legend Package
81-100 pages
$47.50 per book
Dynasty Package
101-125 pages
$55.00 per book
Extra pages over 125 pages: $0.50/page

How long does it take to to assemble and deliver a yearbook?
Once the yearbook has been approved by the user, delivery generally takes 5-8 business days from the date of order.

Can only one person work on the Yearbook?
You can set up as many administrators as you would like, each with their own password. This will allow you to have multiple people upload photos and help create your Yearbook.

What is the yearbook made out of?
The LA yearbook is printed in Four Color Process throughout. The inside color pages are printed on two sides with an 80-weight bright white, smooth gloss text weight stock. The outside soft covers are printed one side only (inside front and back covers are blank), on a 100-weight bright white gloss cover weight. The soft cover also will include a protective “Gloss Coating” for that high quality photo finish. The yearbook is then perfect bound and trimmed to a finished size of 8.5”x11” for that professional book look and feel that will last for years.

What if I don't finish my yearbook? Is it saved?
Your LeagueAthletics.com yearbook is saved online so you can take as much time as you need to create your yearbook.

Can I sell advertisements or sponsor pages for my yearbook?
The LeagueAthletics.com Yearbook can be a great fundraising tool for your club/team. You are free to sell advertisements or sponsor space in your yearbook and you club/teams keeps 100% of the revenue.

How many pictures can I upload to the Yearbook?
There is a large 500MB storage space allotted for your photos, which in most cases will allow you to upload hundreds of images to be used with your Yearbook.

What do I do if I have questions? Is there any support provided?
In addition to the online 'Help' documentation which clearly details the features of the Yearbook, you can always submit a Support Ticket via your LeagueAthletics.com website or reach us by phone at (888) 932-6747, dial "2" for support. We will provide the comprehensive and timely customer support that you have become accustomed to with your LeagueAthletics.com website.